Best Aquarium Heater – The Top 3 Heaters For Nano Aquariums

Finding the best aquarium heater to suit your needs can be a daunting task with so many products on the market to choose from. We take a look at the top 3 aquarium heaters designed specifically for nano aquariums.

For most “normal” room temperatures, you can figure on 100 watts for a 20-gallon to achieve proper heating.

Why You Need An Aquarium Heater

If you plan on keeping tropical fish, then it’s a no brainer that a heater is required. Tropical fish thrive in temperatures 76° to 80°F (25° to 27°C). Fish are cold blooded animals and cannot regulate their body temperatures. As such, having a constant and appropriate tank temperature  helps your fish thrive.

If you live in an area that has cold weather, then the lack of a heater can be detrimental or fatal to your fish.

In conjunction with your heater, its good practice to have a thermometer visible for you to check the water temperature with a quick glance.

Types Of Aquarium Heaters

There are a few types of heaters that are available. For the purpose of planted nano tanks, we describe the following three.

Submersible heaters

The most common type of heater, it is widely used by many hobbyists due to its ease of use and affordability. These types of heaters are meant to be placed directly in the aquarium water. Many prefer to hide heaters in hidden filtration compartments or sumps as most consider it unsightly in a planted aquascape.

In-line heaters

These are external heaters that are connected to the water output nozzle. They are a great option for large tanks with sumps. Conversely, they are not practical for nano aquariums.

Substrate heaters

Uncommon, substrate heaters are placed underneath the substrate and helps to promote plant growth. Consisting of wires as the heating element, the heat travels through the substrate and into the water.

Best Aquarium Heater – The Top 3 Choices

Cobalt Aquatics Mini-Therm Heater

best aquarium heaterThe Cobalt Heater is designed to be shatterproof and fully submersible. The compact size makes this heater perfect for nano tanks such as the Fluval Spec.






Marina Betta Submersible Heater

Made of durable polymer, the Marina Betta Heater is perfectly design to fit in you betta fish tank. It has the ability to automatically reach set temperatures you dial in.

At eight watts, it is more than capable of heating your nano tank.





Fluval Marina Submersible Heater

Impact-resistant glass design with water proof sealing, the Fluval Marina is a strong heater design for tanks in the 5-10 gallon range.

Built in, easy to read temperature settings makes this heater a favorite amongst many.







Investing in the best aquarium heater is important in ensuring you create the right environment for your fish. The above heaters are specifically design for nano aquariums and are effective in performing their duty. Most customers have described these heaters as durable and reliable.

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