Betta Fish Tanks – When Only The Best Aquarium Will Do!

Betta fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Many manufacturers produce small bowls or tanks specifically to house betta fish. While a majority of the products on the market are relatively small, we recommend buying a fish tank that is at least 2-5 gallons in size.

While it may seem small, and some consider it inhumane, betta fish can thrive in a wide range of setups. However, as a betta fish keeper, you should do your due diligence and purchase a decent sized aquarium that you can afford.

Betta Fish Tanks

Name/Image Learn MoreBrandRatingDimensionsGallons
EcoQube Aquarium – The Perfect Desktop Betta Fish Tank

EcoQube Aquarium – The Perfect Desktop Betta Fish Tank

See ItRead Review Aqua Design Innovations4 Star Average Rating 8 x 8 x 82
Fluval Spec V – The Perfectly Designed Desktop Aquarium

Fluval Spec V – The Perfectly Designed Desktop Aquarium

See ItRead Review Fluval4 Star Average Rating 6.3 x 17.2 x 10.65
Fluval Spec – Makes A Great Desktop Glass Aquarium

Fluval Spec – Makes A Great Desktop Glass Aquarium

See ItRead Review Fluval4.5 Star Average Rating 7.2 x 9.2 x 102

Betta fish are known to tolerate poor living conditions (just visit your local store and see how they are sold in tiny 8 ounce cups), and people mistakenly get the idea that bettas prefer tiny little tanks or bowls with no or poor filtration.

Don’t believe that to be the case.

As with any aquarium, I recommend adding live plants to help clean and stabilize the water conditions. Available at most stores, I suggest adding the anacharis plant as it is hardy and suitable for any tank. This plant is easy to care for and can grow in any condition.

Important to take note is that betta fish prefer stagnant waters and become distressed when the water flow is to much.

Many of the 2-5 gallon aquarium kits often include power filters that may create to much water flow within the tank. This can easily be combated by covering the output nozzle with a small foam filter.

If you plan on buying a nano tank for your betta, it’s ideal to keep him/or her alone. Tankmates may nip at your betta’s fins or vice versa. If you buy a 10 gallon or larger tank, then community fish may be added with a decreased likeliness that your betta or tankmates become aggressive towards each other.

I have housed bettas in 5 gallon tanks and larger and the difference in behavior is miraculous. Bettas thrive, perk up and display their beautiful fins much better in larger, clean and well maintained aquariums.

Best Betta Fish Tanks

EcoQube Aquarium – Desktop Betta Fish Tank

betta fish tanksA Kickstarter funded product that raised $375,000, the unique EcoQube blends elegance and functionality in a complete aquarium kit.

Based on the principles of aquaponics,  filtration is supplemented by adding a compartment to house plants like Basil or Mint to keep your aquarium clean.

As an added bonus, these plants are perfect to harvest for your next meal.



Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

I’ve owned this tank in the past and can say this is a great tank for bettas. A 5 gallons, the water conditions are easier to maintain which creates the best environment for your betta to thrive. The one drawback is that the water flow can be a bit much.

As with any filter, this can be remedied by placing a small sponge filter on the outlet. Pointing the nozzle up and towards the surface helps a bit but it still seems unappreciated by bettas (at least in my experience with this tank). Pictured is my personal tank 😉



Fluval Spec

This is a tank I can definitely recommend. Proven time and time again, the Spec is a favorite amongst many freshwater aquarium hobbyists. The build quality, affordability, and overall functionality makes this an ideal tank for betta fish.

Concealed filtration, good LED lighting and stylish and compact design makes this tank a favorite amongst many betta fish keepers.

Again, the water flow may need to be adjusted accordingly to keep your betta happy.

Separate plugs for the light and filter pump allows you to add a timer so you can conveniently set the lighting cycle as you prefer.




With such a wide array of betta fish tanks ranging from fish bowls, aquarium kits and containers, choosing the right aquarium for you is not easy. Numerous considerations must be made including space, location of the tank and budget.

Betta fish are truly beautiful and a sight to behold. The finnage and color variety is vast and you are almost ensured to get the perfect looking fish you desire.

Ultimately, I recommend you get the best betta tank you can afford and you won’t be disappointed when you watch your betta swim around healthy and happy.