Geniusdudekiran’s ADA Mini S Iwagumi “Treeless Mountain”

Geniusdudekiran’s ADA Mini S Iwagumi “Treeless Mountain.” The original journal can be found HERE. Big thanks to Kiran Ravindra for his contribution to the hobby.

(updated 2/21/17) He used to run for all things Wabi Kusa but I’m not sure what happened to the business.

Volume: ADA Mini S / 3.5 gal

Filter: Zoo Med 501 canister filter

CO2: Paintball CO2 (Jaggedfury style), Knockoff ADA bubble counter, check valve, and diffuser

Lighting: Archaea 30cm LED (All white LED version, thanks Forrestp38829)

Fertilizer(s): Rootmedic OneStep (3 pumps, 5 days a week)

Flora: Current list as 8/23/12

Foreground: HC

Mid-ground: Eriocaulon cinereum ‘mini’

Background: Blyxa japonica

Fauna: CPDs, CRS, PFR, Oto.

Hardscape: ADA Seiryu stone (Thanks Bsk!)

Substrate: ADA Aquasoil (New type) 3L

Kiran Ravindra shows us his ADA Mini S Iwagumi “Treeless Mountain.” Uploaded on 4/21/12. Not mature as photos we have seen to date, but beautiful none the less.

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