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If you want to start a planted aquarium then you must read our how to planted tank aquarium guide. In collaboration with Frank Wazeter of Aquarium Design Group, proudly presents a free PDF eBook – “Mixed Carpet How to Guide.”

While reading the informative posts by Frank Wazeter (aka Francis Xavier on the, I could not help but think to myself “Wouldn’t this be great if this was an eBook I could read from my mobile device?” Then it dawned on me…. why don’t I present it for him on his behalf. Check out this must read, for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike. Big thanks to Frank for his generous contributions to the hobby.






You will learn about the basic fundamentals of starting a planted tank from start to finish. It is in your best interest to build a strong knowledge base before undertaking the planted tank hobby. Understanding the planted aquarium and aquatic plants will help you make informed decisions on what type of planted tank you want to create and maintain. It is definitely a hobby you will enjoy. I know I did and 10 years later I still love planted tanks.

Here are a few excerpts from the how to planted tank eBook:

“The Planted Tank, More than Any Other form of Aquaria, is about Enjoying the Process Do me a favor for just one moment: completely forget about the science, the products, the plants of the planted aquarium. Because this isn’t what it’s all about. This is the most important post you will ever read about the planted aquarium, so read every word thoroughly. Everything you do with the planted aquarium is about one thing, and one thing only: coming to enjoy every process of it. No, scratch that, I want you to LOVE every step of it.”

“Back to Basics: Starting the Substrate Aqua Soil leaches a lot of acidity. If you refer to the previous post, you know the effects of excessive acidity: the plants are burned at the root. While aqua soil by itself does not provide enough acid to burn plants out, plants -do- wildly benefit by a way to neutralize the acidity at the root level.”

how to planted tank

“Frank’s Iwagumi method: The first secret is simple, remember my first exercise? VISUALIZE! Don’t visualize mountains or landscapes or any of that. But, visualize your aquarium layout, how you want it, regardless of what you have now, and you will succeed invariably with it. Focus on how the plants will grow in. In other words BEGIN your layout with the END in mind. The number one reason why most layouts fail is because they begin at the beginning, and not at the end. If that doesn’t make sense, imagine yourself shooting free throws in basketball. If there was no basket to shoot at – you wouldn’t have a goal to aim for and score. You would be just throwing a basketball aimlessly in a random direction: how can you hope to succeed like that?”

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