@marko@’s ADA 30C

@marko@’s ADA 30C. A compilation of photos gathered throughout the years. The original journal can be found HERE.


Tank/Volume: ADA 30c / 7.5 gal

Filter: Eheim Ecco 2232

CO2: Pressurized on a ph controller, ceramic diffuser

Lighting: 27 watt PC, 6500k

Fertilizer(s): flourish, flourish nitrogen, flourish potassium, flourish phosphorus, flourish iron, flourish excel; all 2 times a week at recommended dose. Water changes: 50% once a week


Foreground: U. graminifolia

Mid-ground: p. helferi, e. parkeri

Background: a. ‘petite’

Fauna: n. heteropoda ‘sakura’, n. semicona

Hardscape: unknown rock from NJ (bought at a rock quarry, they will fluoresce under a blacklight)
Substrate: ADA aquasoil amazonia with mineralized topsoil base

Water Parameters: ph: 6.0-6.1/ kh: 5 / gh: 3

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