Megan Zerez 5.5 Gallon Tank

Megan Zerez 5.5 gallon tank. Awesome looking planted nano aquarium scape. The original journal can be found HERE.








Volume: 5.5g standard

Filter: Zoo Med 501

CO2: Pressurized via paintball tank with Aquatek regulator, 2 bps

Lighting: 13w CFL 6500K

Fertilizer(s): Estimative Index with added Iron


Foreground: Hemianthus Callichthroides

Mid-ground: Fissidens Fontanus, Staurogyne Repens, Hydrocotyle sp. Japan

Background: Blyxa Japonica and lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Fauna: (7) Ember tetras, (3) Nerites

Hardscape: Seiryu Stone

Substrate: Akadama bonsai soil with peat underlayer

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