AquaSprouts Garden – Turn Your Fish Tank Into An Aquaponic Garden

Product Name:AquaSprouts Garden
Brand:AquaSprouts Garden
Dimensions:28 x 8 x 17
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The AquaSprouts Garden is designed to work in conjunction with your standard 10 gallon aquarium to create an Aquaponic Garden for your kitchen.

The garden is designed to be simple, freestanding and maintenance-free helping beginners become indoor gardeners with less fuss.

The AquaSprouts Garden recycles fish waste to provide nutrients to the plants that you wish to grow. An upside to aquaponics in general is that the plants become filter the water clean and reduces the amount of water changes needed. It also decreases the need for mechanical filters to be cleaned out and/or replaced.

AquaSprouts Garden Features:

What’s in the box?

AquaSprouts Garden: the single-piece Garden bed snaps together easily with the supporting legs. The black matte finish provides a contemporary and sleek look to match any room or office decor.

Pump & Timer: a submersible 160 gallon/hour pump and a mechanical plug timer (that is adjustable in 15-minute increments).

Light Bar: removable lighting mounts allow you to hang a grow light of your choice above the Garden. It is designed to adjust and accommodate tall plants using a 2ft grow light.

Grow Media: Clay growing medium is a durable, low-maintenance soil replacement that supports plant roots and provides ample surface area for the growth of beneficial microorganisms.


  • Eliminates the need for traditional fertilizers using the aquaponic principles. Therefore, it is important to have fish included as part of the ecosystem.
  • Aquaponic systems naturally filter out fish waste creating clear and healthy water.
  • Garden can be used to grow your favorite herbs, fresh and readily available for cooking your next meal.


  • Does not include aquarum. The recommended aquarium to use is the standard 10 gallon tank.
  • Lighting not included. The recommended fixture for this setup is made by Hrdroplanet.
  • Lighting the aquarium itself is difficult to do as the system does not have the appropriate clearance to add a light hood.
  • Relatively pricey considering DIY alternatives.
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