Back To The Roots Water Garden Fish Tank – Grow Your Own Herbs

Product Name:Water Garden Fish Tank
Brand:Back To The Roots
Dimensions:13.4 x 13.4 x 9.5
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Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank features a 3 gallon fish tank with curved edges that is elegantly design. This makes for a perfect addition to any home.

This low-maintenance, self cleaning fish tank allows you to grow organic sprouts and herbs.

Teach your children with a hands-on approach to growing food while maintaining a healthy ecosystem for a pet fish. Kids are sure to learn a lot in regards to being environmentally freindly.

As a mini aquaponic ecosystem, the water garden is meant to be hassle free and requires infrequent water changes.

Back To The Roots Water Garden Fish Tank Features:

Includes everything you need to get started: 3-gallon fish tank, gravel, organic seeds, dechlorinator, and natural fish food.

However, to create optimal tank conditions for your fish, I recommend purchasing a heater and thermometer to create and monitor for stable water conditions.

As your fish produces nutrient rich waste, the roots of your plants will take up these nutrients as food to grow. This process inherently filters the water naturally, creating a healthy environment for your fish without the need for extra pumps and filters.

Customized Grow Pods allows you to harvest your own fresh herbs at home. It has never been moreĀ fun and rewarding to grow your own food.

The recommended plant of choice to grow in this setup is sprouts. They are easy, fast growing and do well in this system while herbs such as basil and cilantro do not thrive or grow to maturity (according to a few customer reviews).


  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Perfect little starter aquarium for children.
  • Includes free access to interactive aquaponics curriculum. Learn more about the science on their website:


  • Heater not included which may be needed for your fish.
  • Water pump has been described as noisy and unreliable.
  • Not exactly maintanence free. Still needs to be cleaned as needed.
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