EcoQube Aquarium – The Perfect Desktop Betta Fish Tank

Product Name:EcoQube Aquarium
Brand:Aqua Design Innovations
Dimensions:8 x 8 x 8
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The EcoQube Aquarium is a unique concept aquarium that is approximately 2 gallons in size. The small footprint makes this aquarium ideal for office desks, nightstands and even in your kitchen.

Touted as the most popular aquarium ever on, Aqua Design Innovations was able to go from concept to production.

Based on the principles of aquaponics, the EcoQube provides extra filtration by use of plants such as mints and basil, while giving you the added benefit of using those plants as you see fit for your next meal.

This nano aquarium provides an ideal environment for betta fish. Fish waste is easily processed by your aquaponic plant and water changes will be required less frequently.

If you wish, you can also use this as a tank to house a few nano fish such as tetras, cloud minnows and danios.

EcoQube Aquarium Features:

  • Includes  aquarium sand, mountain stone, wireless remote LED light, and even basil seeds.
  • Low maintenance and self-cleaning.
  • Promotes fish health through aquaponic filtration.
  • Acrylic build provides for high clarity viewing.


  • A complete starter kit.
  • Aquaponics filter system.
  • Self-clean, low maintenance.


  • LED lights may not work too well (varying customer reviews).
  • Pump and light go through the same plug (poor design choice since you can’t put light on wall timer).
  • The filter pump may need to be redirected towards plants in tank to diffuse water flow pressure for betta fish.
  • Expensive!

The EcoQube is a great starter aquarium if you wish to get your kids involved in pet keeping. Growing edible plants while enjoying the fish tank hobby is something your children will enjoy.

Owning a nano tank will allow you to teach them the principles of pet keeping while instilling responsibility and good habits required to maintain live animals.

I intend to purchase this kit for myself and will provide a better in-depth review soon.

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