Fin To Flower Aquaponics – Grow Your Own Herbs

Product Name:Large System C
Brand:Fin to Flower Aquaponics
Dimensions:19 x 13 x 15
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The one of a kind Fin To Flower Aquaponics aquarium is a self cleaning tank that is easy to setup and maintain.

The aquarium incorporates potting areas for your choice of planting house plants or herbs. This aquarium is designed to be a complete ecosystem for fish and plants to thrive in harmony.

Included in this kit is mostly everything you need to get started: water pump, plant grow pots with media, water dechlorinator and tank gravel. However, grow lights are not included and are sold separately on

Customers have high praises for this set up and state that the aquaponics system is great for growing plants healthy and fast. Maintaining the aquarium is easy and the natural filtration system that an aquaponic system inherently has does a great job at keeping crystal clear water for your fish.

Available in black or white, you can be sure to have an aquarium that matches your home decor. The system is available in three sizes including a mini system A and midsize system B, which can be purchased HERE.

Fin To Flower Aquaponics Features:

Two tier acrylic tank with dual waterfalls provide relaxing and soothing sounds of flowing water.

The 5 gallon capacity is a great size for keeping nano fish or a betta fish.

Built upon maintaining filtration via an aquaponic system, frequency of maintenance is severely decreased while providing optimal filtration for clean and crystal clear water.

The company is confident in their product and offers a Lifetime Warranty – Materials, Workmanship & No-Leaks Guaranteed!


  • Six 3-inch Plant Grow Pots makes it easy to add your favorite houseplant or herb.
  • Hand Made in the USA.
  • Included is a nearly silent water pump.


  • Heater not included.
  • Lighting system not included. This setup is intended for growing low light plants.
  • Expensive in comparison to other similar systems.
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