NoClean Aquariums – The Original Self-Cleaning Aquarium

Product Name:GravityFlow 2
Brand:NoClean Aquariums
Dimensions:10.5 x 6 x 10.5
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The NoClean Aquariums GravityFlow 2, is a larger variation of its predecessor, the¬†GravityFlow Betta Aquarium. Sporting the same concept design, the GravityFlow 2 is easy to clean and takes a “hands off” approach to water changes.

The NoClean Aquarium was funded through and quickly sold on infomercials aka “As Seen On TV.” The novelty of this aquarium quickly grew an audience amongst betta fish keepers that were just starting out in the hobby.

However, the lack of size was a cause for NoClean to develop a second generation aquarium which is what you see here.

I would recommend putting a low light plant to aid with filtration. Plants such as anacharis or anubias don’t need much light to thrive.

NoClean Aquariums Features:

The GravityFlow 2 was designed to be free of pumps and filters. The aquarium is freestanding, independent of the need for electricity.

It is a self-cleaning fishbowl, with clear & copper spout options included.

The STARTER KIT includes stones and an LED light.

How does it work?

Gravity and the laws of physics. Adding water to the main bowl automatically flushes out fish waste that have settled on the bottom. The wastewater is neatly collected at the output nozzle, which can be used for watering plants.

How much water should I pour in?

For a quick flush, pouring approximately 16 oz of fresh water should do the trick. Be sure to prep the water by letting it sit for 24 hours or adding dechlorinator to the water.


  • Unique design makes water changes a breeze.
  • Larger size than the original GravityFlow, with a more traditional fish bowl appearance.
  • No priming needed to flush out water. Sediments below the gravel are easily collected during the process.


  • Should only be used to house Betta fish.
  • Lacks integrated heater.
  • The lighting fixture is not meant to grow live plants.
  • The flushing water mechanism has been described by customers as being ineffective at removing fish waste.
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