SaltyNC’s First Planted Iwagumi Petco 6.6 Gallon Bookshelf

A great, inspirational tank for those looking to get into the hobby. The original journal can be found HERE.

SaltyNC’s First Planted Iwagumi Petco 6.6 Gallon Bookshelf. “I uploaded a new video of the boraras brigittae feeding. At about the 30 second mark, you’ll see me lowering a quarter into the tank to show the scale of this small tank and just how tiny boraras brigittae truly are. You should at the 30 second mark also get the idea behind the music, which is really horrible! What was I thinking?!” —SaltyNC.

Petco 6.6 Gallon Bookshelf Tank Specifications

Tank/Volume: Petco 6.6 Gallon Bookshelf Tank

Filter: Stock

CO2: 2 BPS; CO2 Tank: Kegco 5 lb aluminum tank; Regulator: Aquatek; Glass check valve and in-line bubble counter: AquaticMagic on e-Bay; Backup Check Valve: Cheap plastic LFS check valve

Lighting: Single 18″ Hagen Life-Glo T8, 15W, 6700K, 960 Lumen; Distance above substrate: 8 inches; Estimated Par Value using Hoppy’s PAR chart: 75 (medium light)

Fertilizer(s): NPK (very limited N and K now — N from fish waste and food and K from GH boost); Flourish


Foreground: Eleocharis Parvula (dwarf hairgrass)

Mid-ground: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (microsword)

Background: Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘green’, Hemianthus glomeratus

Fauna: Boraras brigittae, Otocinclus algae eater, Amano shrimp, Nerite (Zebra) snails

Hardscape: Locally collected rocks

Substrate: Flourite, Osmocote inserted 2 beads per square inch beneath substrate

Water Parameters: ph: 6.4/ kh: 2 / gh: 5

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