Self Cleaning Fish Tank – Top 5 Aquarium Guide And Reviews

A self cleaning fish tank will provide you endless hours of enjoyment without all the hassle. Maintaining a regular fish tank can be tedious and time consuming. Self cleaning aquariums minimize the need for routine maintenance.

Many beginners in the aquarium hobby love the fish but hate the maintenance required to maintain optimal water parameters for their pet fish. This is understandable as there is a lot that goes into creating perfect fish tank conditions.

The idea o f a “maintenance free” aquarium is great for those who prefer a less “hands off” approach to fish keeping. Whether it is due to time constraints, lack of commitment to routine maintenance or just plain hatred of cleaning an aquarium, many beginner fish keeping hobbyists prefer the easiest aquarium to maintain, which also looks good.

With this in mind, self cleaning fish tanks are ideal for children. The aquarium hobby in general is a great learning tool for kids. They learn to adopt responsibilities and duties related to pet keeping while enjoying a relatively easy to care for pet.

Our Top 5 Recommended Self Cleaning Fish Tanks

Listed below is our top 5 self sustaining fish tank recommendations based on customer reviews and my personal experience. These aquariums are easy to clean and are considered to be easy clean fish tanks that provide you endless hours of enjoyment without the mess and hassle of regular aquariums.

Self Cleaning Fish Tank As Seen On TV

self cleaning fish tank as seen on tv

Based on the original No Clean Aquarium, this 2nd generation aquarium is based on the same design principles but is now larger and in the form of a classic fish bowl.

Cleaning this fish bowl is as easy as adding fresh, dechlorinated water. The gravity flow feature dispenses water from the bottom (where most dirty debris accumulates) when adding water. Recycle the nutrient rich water by watering your houseplants.



Back To The Roots Water Garden Fish Tank

This water garden a simple and self cleaning aquarium that is perfect for growing herbs for your next meal.

The water is naturally filtered by the potted plants and creates an optimal living environment for any fish you add.

It’s recommended that a betta fish be added to this tank as it is one of the few fishes that can thrive in a 3 gallon aquarium.



Fin To Flower Aquaponics

Fin To Flower Aquaponics

A bold design, available in black or white, Fin To Flowers has nailed it with their design of a mini aquaponics system. Considered a relatively no maintenance fish tank, keeping fish and plants has never been so easier and rewarding.

Grow your own herbs for your next home cooked meal. Fresh herbs are nothing short of amazing when added to your favorite dishes.

The design includes two mini waterfall features that provide soothing sounds of flowing water.


AquaSprouts Garden

AquaSprouts has created a kit that allows you to turn your 10 gallon tank into a self sustaining aquarium.

Designed to create the most optimal environment for growing plants and herbs, this setup is perfect for your home kitchen.

Keep fish healthy and happy with natural filtration via aquaponics.






EcoQube Aquarium

Ecoqube Aquarium

The EcoQube is truly a user friendly fish tank with a contemporary look that most would appreciate.

Another fish tank based on using aquaponic principles, the EcoQube is an easy to setup aquarium with sufficient LED lighting to keep plants growing healthy and happy.

The optional UV sterilizer makes sure that your tank performs at optimal levels to ward off unwanted and unsightly algae.



In reality, any aquarium that is labeled as self cleaning still requires some maintenance although it is dramatically decreased in frequency and time needed to perform such duties.

The convenience and ease of easy clean fish tanks provides beginners with a great starting point into the world of the aquariums.

My humble opinion: The label of “self clean aquariums” are somewhat misleading. They are wonderful in theory but can’t perfectly exist. There will be maintenance needed but a lot less than most want to commit too.

However, if you are looking for one of the lowest maintenance fish tank on the market, consider the above 5 aquariums reviewed.

If you’re still undecided and want to buy a small tank, be sure to check out our Best Nano Aquarium Guide.

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