How To Breed Red Cherry Shrimp Easily

How To Breed Red Cherry Shrimp

Breeding red cherry shrimp is a pretty easy thing. Shrimp, in general, are pretty prolific. Most people confuse shrimp for being very easy to kill. And it really comes down to the first thing which is, water parameter. So whenever breeding red cherry shrimp, you always want to know what you’re working with, and water parameter is definitely the first place to start.

Water Parameters

I always say test TDS first, that will give you a general idea of what you’re working with. Although it’s not foolproof, aim for a TDS between 200 to 300 is a pretty good range, but that only tells you a part of the story.

So you want to test for GH and KH. Those are your most important parameters when keeping any shrimp. A lot of people say pH matters, and only go by TDS… But the truth is GH and KH are the way to go.

You want to aim for a GH of between 8 and 15 is ideal, but anywhere between 8 and 20 is going to be okay. You want to do a KH of about 6 to 8, and KH is really just to influence the pH and not let it swing, because that is what will kill shrimp.

Tank Size

You want to go with about a 5 gallon tank or bigger. You don’t want to do a very small tank to start breeding cherry shrimp, just because so many things can happen in a small body of water. If you make one mistake you’re in trouble, but in a bigger tank if you make a mistake it’s more forgiving. So always go with a bigger tank.

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Red Cherry Shrimp Filter

I would say filtration is pretty important. I always highly recommend on what is called an HMF filter –  Hamburg Matan filter.

Gravel For Red Cherry Shrimp

So you’ve got a tank, you got the water parameters, you got the filtration, next thing you need to know is what are you going to keep as the gravel. Pool filter sand is always good, or any type of gravel that doesn’t buffer the water. And what I mean by that is, you don’t want anything that’s gonna influence the pH.

Water Change And Feeding

So you got the basic set up, now it’s the basics – how often do I do water changes? how much do I feed? – less is better when it comes to red cherry shrimp or any other shrimp. You don’t want to be doing 20-50 percent water change. Just do a little, about 10 percent water change, every other week and feed every other day.

So breeding cherry shrimp does not have to be complicated. The biggest thing that people mess up on is, they heat the tank too much. Do not use a heater is my last piece of advice. Just keep it simple, keep it at room temperature, and you’re gonna do good breeding cherry shrimp tank.

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