About Me

Hi, My name is Sean. I’m blogging mostly about freshwater aquariums, fish and plants. Welcome to Planted Nano Tanks website, enjoy your visit and please feel free to comment on my posts!

Sean, Author

Over the years I have kept planted tanks and have recently begun getting more serious in wanting to become a professional “aquascaper.” Unfortunately, there are no special classes that I am of aware of that can help me at reach my goal. All my knowledge comes from experience and reading forums and informative sites (like I hope this will become) over the years. I have always been inspired by the works of Takashi Amano and Oliver Knott. I have also learned a great deal from Tom Barr AKA plantbrain by reading his numerous posts and threads that he has contributed to the forums for all these years. In fact, I have become so obsessed at this time that I decided to create this site. I have gone through my shares of ups and downs in this hobby, but it still brings me great joy to develop and maintain a planted aquarium. The planted tank hobby has become a little more accessible to those of us that live in Hawaii, as opposed to several years ago, when Aqua Design Amano (ADA) products, plants, substrate and decorative material where hard to come by. A few local shops here on Oahu have now recognized the growing demand in this field and have been adjusting their stock as such. However, I suggest you don’t buy all your items online exclusively, as your local fish stores (LFS) need the business and it’s just good practice to support them, in my opinion. The relationship you build with your LFS owner(s)/worker(s) will go a long way towards being successful in this hobby. In pursuit of becoming an “aquascaper”, I also want to inspire as much people as I can to pick up this hobby and keep the public interest growing