Do I Need An Air Stone If I Have A Filter?

No, you do not need an air stone if you have a filter. A filter will provide adequate aeration for your aquarium.

How important is air stone in aquarium?

Air stones are an important part of an aquarium ecosystem and should be used regularly. They are used to help circulate the water and provide oxygen to the fish.

How does an air stone work?

An air stone is a small, flat stone that is inserted into the aquarium to help remove waste and excess water. When the air stone is moved around the tank, it creates a current that pulls the waste and water towards it.

This current also helps to stir up the fish so they can eat their food more easily.

What size air stone do i need?

It depends on a number of factors, including the size of the room you are conditioning, the type of air purifier you have, and your personal preferences. However, if you are unsure of what size air stone to buy, it is generally recommended that you start with a smaller air stone and gradually increase its size as your needs grow.

Where to place air stone in aquarium?

There are many opinions on where to place air stones in an aquarium. It really depends on the type of fish you have and what type of water they are used to.

For example, some fish like piranhas and cichlids need to constantly have a flow of oxygenated water in order to survive, so an air stone placed near the top of the tank is necessary. Other fish, such as goldfish, can survive just fine in an aquarium with no air stone at all.

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It really just depends on your fish and the type of water they are used to.

Do you need an air bubbler if you have a filter?

No, you do not need an air bubbler if you have a filter.

Do i need an air stone if i have a hang on back filter?

If you have a hang on back filter, you may not need an air stone. The filter will help to clean the water as it flows through the filter and onto the water container.

Do i need air stone in planted aquarium?

The requirements for an air stone will vary depending on the type of aquarium plant, the size of the plant, and the specific water conditions of the aquarium. However, generally speaking, an air stone is a beneficial addition to a planted aquarium as it helps to oxygenate the water and promote plant growth.

What are air stones made of?

Air stones are made of a variety of materials, including silicon, brass, and plastic. They are usually made in the form of a disk that is placed in a water tank.

The disk is covered in a material that absorbs water and releases it slowly. This causes a slow flow of air through the stone, which helps to improve aquarium aeration.

Does an air stone work as a filter?

Yes. An air stone works as a filter by trapping larger particles while allowing smaller particles to pass through.


If you have a filter, you do not need an air stone. However, an air stone can help increase oxygen levels and circulation in your aquarium.

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