Fissidens Nobilis vs. Fontanus in Planted Aquarium

Fissidens Nobilis and Fontanus are moss plants that do well in planted aquariums, but what exactly is the difference?

You want the very best plants in your aquarium. The right plants will help your tank thrive so you can show off its beauty to your friends and family. Water moss varies in leaf shape, branching patterns, and overall form, so the moss plant you choose can make a big difference in the look of your aquarium.

Moss plants come in a wide variety and are versatile. There are over 10,000 different moss species in the world, so it can be hard to choose one to put in your planted aquarium. The moss you choose must be water-based so that it survives in your aquarium.

This article discusses two types of moss – Fissidens Nobilis and Fissidens Fontanus – the differences between the two, which is best for your planted aquarium, and how to take care of them.

Fissidens Nobilis moss

Fissidens Nobilis moss is a somewhat rare moss. It grows on driftwood and rocks as well as other surfaces in the Southeast Asian region. This type of moss grows on the surface of the glass in aquariums. You can have your Fissidens Nobilis moss grow on the back glass of your aquarium to create a beautiful backdrop.

Fissidens Nobilis is a good moss to put in your planted aquarium because it does not require special lighting and can be kept in any freshwater aquarium. While it can survive in any freshwater aquarium, it does better in bigger volume tanks because it grows large and shaggy. It also prefers low to medium lighting.

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This moss plant is great for dwarf shrimp fry and fish because it provides hiding places as well as breeding places.

This moss will eventually cover the surface of your tank. Remember to trim it and add rock or wood to your tank to help the moss plant settle into its new environment.

Fissidens Fontanus moss

Fissidens Fontanus moss, also known as Phoenix Moss, is native to North America. This type of moss makes a great choice for planted aquariums because it is easy to maintain and grows fast. Because it is easy to maintain, it is a perfect choice for new planted aquarium owners.

Fontanus moss will cover the bottom of your tank, creating a lovely look for your aquarium. The shape of this moss sometimes looks like a fountain, making it an excellent visual point for your tank.

Fontanus moss thrives at just about any temperature and pH level. However, don’t let your aquarium get too hot. When the temperature is too high, your moss will start to wilt.

For best results, use rocks or moss shoots to keep the moss plant in place. Also, when you first place the moss in your tank, put it in the middle so it can grow on all sides.

Fissidens Nobilis moss vs. Fissidens Fontanus moss

While these two types of mosses are similar, they are different species. They are native to different areas of the world. Fissidens Nobilis is native to Southeast Asia, and Fissidens Fontanus is native to North America.

Both of these species of moss are easy to take care of and thrive in a variety of conditions, making them both great choices for any planted aquarium.

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Fissidens Fontanus is easier to take care of, grows fast, and thrives in most tanks. If you are a beginner at planted aquariums, it may be best to choose F. Fontanus over F. Nobilis.

F. Nobilis moss grows larger and shaggier than F. Fontanus. The F. Fontanus species of moss sometimes takes on a fountain shape.

Both species provide a forest-like surface for your tank that can become the habitat of shrimp, small fish, and other creatures.

How to choose between F. Nobilis and F. Fontanus

The right moss for your tank depends on the fish and other creatures in your tank, the aesthetic you are looking for, and the climate of your tank.

How to care for F. Nobilis and F. Fontanus moss in a planted aquarium

Moss is one of the easiest plants to take care of, but you can still help it thrive by providing the right conditions.

To begin with, put your moss on a solid substrate in the center of your tank. Moss can attach itself to a variety of substances, such as gravel and shells. Plant your moss on a surface it can sink into.

Give your moss time to acclimate to your tank. Make sure your water conditions are at normal levels and that your water is properly filtered.

Trim your moss and get rid of dead areas in growth. Doing this allows your moss to grow healthily and improve its appearance in your tank.

Why add F. Nobilis and F. Fontanus to your aquarium?

You can put moss in just about any aquarium. Fish thrive in environments with moss and the moss provides many benefits to your tank.

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Moss is easy to take care of because it is so hardy. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to add more variety to your tank.

In addition to the visual appeal of your tank, moss creates a natural environment for your fish. It creates a forest-like atmosphere in your aquarium that allows you to recreate your fish’s natural habitat.

Moss also improves the water conditions of your tank. Moss plants help filter your tank’s environment, keeping the water clean.

Your aquarium creatures can use the moss to feed on. Some small fish will make the moss their habitat. Some creatures will also use it as a place to breed. For example, shrimp lay eggs in moss.

Adding moss to your planted aquarium is a great way to add variety to your tank. Moss plants grow fast and cover surface areas, giving your tank a forest-like look and creating a natural habitat for your aquarium creatures. Fissidens Nobilis and Fissidens Fontanus are both great choices for moss plants to add to your planted aquarium. They are both easy to maintain and create a beautiful atmosphere.

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